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Saturday, October 19, 2013

What are "Responsive" Templates

Responsive Webs?

You've heard all the buzz words going around the net, and now there's another one: Responsive. What does "responsive" mean? This means that the template was made to "respond" to different viewports, including your desktop computer, tablets, iPads, and cell phones. It automatically adjusts in width to the visitor's device.

Want to find out if your current web is responsive? All you do is grab the edge of your browser and squeeze it in. By making the view narrower, you will be able to see if your site is responsive. If it stays the same size and you have a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the page, your site is not responsive. If your site re-sizes and "stuff" moves around to fit in the window, then your web is responsive. Easy as that.

Why is having a responsive web important?

Well, sometimes it is important and sometimes it isn't. Don't you just love clear answers! If you have a website that is primarily viewed on a desktop, then you may not need or want a responsive web. If your clients are not looking for your site on their cell phone, but are sitting in front of their computer, then you may not need a responsive site. An example of this may be a business to business supply house.

Sometimes it is very important for your site to be responsive. If your site is often viewed with cell phones or iPads, you definitely want a responsive site. Those types of sites are viewed by people with specific things in mind, as they are "on the go." For example, a restaurant might want a responsive design; this way their patrons could easily find them to make reservations, take a quick peek at the menu, or find out the location.

Does Templates in Time have responsive templates?

Absolutely! We have a great selection of all types of responsive templates. All of our responsive designs have a brown ribbon showing on the preview image. Take your pick of Expression Web Templates, Concrete5 Themes or HTML5 templates (which can be edited in any web editor). All of our Expression Web templates work perfectly as Dreamweaver templates. Dreamweaver ignores the VTI files that are added by Expression Web. You can delete them, I'll delete them for you or you can just ignore them. See them all on our Templates in Time website.

How do I find out which viewports most of my viewers are using?

Just take a look at your web stat program. It will let you know which viewport are being used by your viewers. Make a plan from there about "becoming" more responsive.

But I'm not ready to create a new web yet. What can I do?

Just pick one of our Mobile Templates. They are made to respond to different viewports. Add them to your current web folder, fill in the content and you have a page your viewers will be directed to automatically when the viewport is a cell phone.